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William Zdan is an American who has worked out of Los Angeles, New York City and Nashville. Zdan’s work seeks to capture beauty while provoking contemplation. His paintings motivate introspection, fan philosophical bonfires, and comfort aesthetic sickness.

Raised in the manufacturing community of Detroit, Zdan often depicts modern industry and its effect on contemporary culture. Stylistically, he clashes those themes against classical techniques and introduces historical and religious iconography.  Writer Rebecca Schoenkopf notes:

     “William Zdan’s portraits are hellish: pretty breasts
      and faces with scars, covered in gas masks and bees,
      all in fiery reds and oranges. But the O.C. artist’s
      still lifes are equally as lovely and unsettling as his
      pierced, punk women. An oil derrick isn’t just an oil
      derrick—it’s man’s phallic incursion into the earth,
      withdrawing her oil, drying her up. His skies are
      apocalyptic—is that a mushroom cloud, or just a
      sunset through smog? Faces crawl with insects, a
      less infuriating take on Damien Hirst. It’s ugly, but
      it’s beautiful. There’s no vivisected cow here, just
      degraded, marred, scarred beauty. Like life.”
          (Riviera Magazine)
Born:  Detroit, MI
Lives in:  LA/NYC/Nashville



University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor
California State University, Fullerton




Painting Exhibitions:


2016     Last Rites Gallery, New York, NY “Thirteenth Hour” 10.29.16 – 11.12.16


2015     Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles, CA “Zodiac” 6.2.15 – 6.23.14


2014     Egan Gallery, Fullerton, CA “William Zdan’s Knacker’s Yard” 10.3.14 – 11.5.14


2014     La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA – (Featured Artist) “Humors” 6.6.14 – 6.29.14


2013     Kat Von D's Wonderland Gallery, Los Angeles, CA – “Skull show” 11.12 - 3.13​

2012     Cannibal Flower 12th Anniversary (Featured Artist) 9.12

2012     Rothick Art Haus, Anaheim, CA  “Cutter, Quitter Quicker”  (feature artist) -  3.12

2011     London Miles Gallery, London, England “Pens & Needles“ - 2.25.11 - 3.7.11

2011     Hibbleton Gallery, Fullerton, CA “I Left My Heart In Detroit (w/ Niagara and William Zdan)” 2.4.11 – 2.27.11

2011     Promenade Gallery, Anaheim, CA “William Zdan and Dave Kooi” 12.11.10 – 1.2.11


2010     DAMNED III – Tangen Gallery, Detroit, MI – 10.28.10 – 10.31.10

2010     L.A. Municipal Art Gallery, Hollywood, CA “Beyond Eden” –10.8.10 – 10.9.10

2010     Graves Gallery, Fullerton CA “Piece Be With You – New Works By William Zdan” 7.2.10 – 7.30.10
2009     Hibbleton Gallery, Fullerton, CA “Digging For Fire – William Zdan and Chris Peters duet” 9.4.09 – 9.30.09

2009     ISM Gallery Long Beach CA/ Miami, FL/San Diego, CA (travelling exhibition) Sk8ology 3 month event


Selected publications/reviews/articles:


2014     HI FRUTOSE – Chris B. Murrary, Joel Nakamura, William Zdan, Jasmine Worth

2011     Riviera Magazine – “Oil on Canvas – William Zdan” - Rebecca Schoenkopf

2010     Orange County Register– “Zdan show criticizes big oil, raises Gulf money” – Adam Townsend

2010     Dash Literary Journal – “Interview with William Zdan” – Jesse La Tour

2009     OC Weekly - “It’s Getting Hot…Digging For Fire Exhibit Opens at Hibbleton” – Nate Jackson

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